What do you do before your children’s first dental visit?

Marius st family dental strongly promote positive attitude to dental visit. We will do our best to make sure your child dental visit as fun as possible. We need your help by

  • Brush teeth before dental visit, so we can assess their oral hygiene better. Bring your tooth brush with you.
  • Explain what’s good or what your children should do such as open mouth. Consider small reward for your children’s good behaviour.
  • Take time to play “dentist” with your children at home.   Practice, let your children open their mouth and brush their teeth yourself. So your children get used someone touching their teeth
  • Read your children a story about visiting to the dentist.
  • Speak positive about dental visit. Whilst it’s not the same as a visit to the local amusement park, they do get to have a ride (the chair goes up and down, back and forth).
  • Keep your own negative feelings of dental visit in check (if you have any).  Do not use negative words like: needle, hurt.
  • Let your child look forward to and enjoy his/her first dental visits with the same enthusiasm as a visit to grandma’s.

Below is a video about Geena’s first visit to the dentist which your child might enjoy



Your child's first dental visit

What do you do AFTER your child's first dental visit?