Your Child's First Dental Visit

Positive attitude to dental visit and preventive dental visit from earlier age lay foundation for a lifetime of good oral and dental health and general wellbeing of body.

During your child’s first visit, we will

  1. Meet and greet your child. Make sure they don’t only feel comfortable but also have a fun in his/her first dental visit. Introduce all the toys we have such as “tongue kiss”  “auto Robot chair” and how the sucking straw works. Your children will have an opportunity to touch the machine.  It's fun to visit dental clinic!
  2. Encourage to form correct brushing and oral habits in early child hood. We will demonstrate and reinforce the correct way of brushing 
  3. We will examine teeth to make sure they are healthy. Identifying signs of early decay is vital in children. White patches on the teeth that do not seem to be able to be cleaned off are early stages of demineralization which eventually break down further to form holes
  4. We may clean and polish their teeth. Instruct the parent or guardian on fluoride, diet and brushing and general oral health tips.
  5. Very importantly we will check earlier sign of any abnormality of your child’s face and jaws including mal-alignment. Identify any early sign of abnormal habits and try to guide your child’s face and teeth to develop in more correct way.
  6. Finally picking a prize time. 
It is not easy to do through children’s examinations. At Marius St Family Dental we allocate children’s examination to clinician’s with a special interest in treating children 

What do you do BEFORE your child’s first dental visit?

What do you do AFTER your child's first dental visit?