Dr Min Stephenson (BDS)

Min Stephenson (Deng) BDS (Hons)


What I would like to do for my patients

Do it once, do it well! Exceptional results at exceptional value! Those are the goals I have for my patients.

I understand that dental treatment is often viewed as being too expensive. So my aim is to make dental treatment affordable for everyone. In the last few years I have extended my knowledge and skills beyond what a regular dentist can usually offer and now routinely provide treatment into many specialty fields. This allows me to give you the right treatment all under one roof at a lowered cost. This can save you multiple potential trips to metropolitan areas to see specialists.

I believe that having a plan to care and maintain your teeth for life is the key for healthy teeth and a nice smile. I will work with you to make a lifetime treatment plan that is best suited to your specific needs, budgets and what you want. I will discuss all the available options with you and explain how each applies to you, your budget, lifestyle, main concerns and needs. After all, the most expensive treatment isn’t always the most suitable.

I believe in providing a result that not only looks great but also gives you the ability to chew your food without trouble. Some of my patients simply want to keep their teeth without knowing that their smile can also be improved at the same time; and this is not necessarily done with a huge bill. However, let me show you some of the cases I’ve done to achieve that end.

I would like to give my gratitude to the Tamworth community and to all my patients for making me feel welcome since I first arrived many years ago and supporting me whilst I was building a home here. I believe in giving back to the local community, and my views reflect that:

I am not the cheapest dentist around, nor the most expensive. But I will discuss all the options with you to give you the best value for what you pay.

  • If you’re in pain we’ll see you today, that’s our promise to you
  • We’re the only BUPA preferred provider in Tamworth . So you get more money back from your health fund and less out of pocket expense
  • Extended hours, including Saturdays 
  • HCF ‘More for Teeth’ provider. This means you get one or two cleans and check-ups a year completely gap-free. 
  • Gap free dentistry for  Medicare’s Child Dental Benefit Scheme,
  • Free Drop-in check-up for kids. Call us for details


Who are my typical patients?

Many of my patients have been referred by others who’ve been happy with my treatment. Some of them have an idea of what they want to achieve out of their dental treatment, some do not. Some of my patients walk in very frustrated with their smile and having teeth constantly broken down and patched up. I’m happy to give you answers to issues you may have, for example:

  • Toothache
  • Replacing ugly metal filings with white fillings
  • A simple smile makeover that looks attractive and natural to build your confidence
  • Making your teeth whiter and brighter
  • Caring for aging or broken teeth
  • Replacing missing teeth with implant retained dentures that not only looks good but also allows you to chew your food
  • Teeth that are chipped and flat from grinding
  • Straightening any crooked teeth
  • Reconstructing your smile  


A little bit about my past studies:

Right from the first year after graduation I studied aesthetic design, in other words: how to improve your smile so that it looks natural. I did a lot of cases with white fillings (direct composite veneers), which gives a result on the day and at an affordable price. During this time in Inverell, I also expanded my knowledge in general dentistry. In the second year I worked in a high end clinic on the Central Coast learning to restore teeth with porcelain veneers.

I further continued my studies in occlusion, the science of how to restore your smile and chewing function and allowing it to stay that way for life. My training then continued into dental implants, starting with replacing one tooth at a time to now replacing all missing teeth predictably. I was the first dentist in Tamworth to restore missing teeth with implants and now I place them routinely. Afterwards I commenced study into orthodontics, to align your teeth into a perfect smile.

After treating many patients who have had multiple ongoing issues (such as facial muscle pain, headache, and neck pain) as a result of grinding their teeth, now I want to prevent these problems from ever arising in the first place. My focus in the treatment of children extends to detecting and eliminating these causes as early as possible so that they can grow up with strong teeth, a beautiful smile and a healthy body free of pain. If you would like to be more familiar with my treatment philosophies feel free to take a look at the links below



I would like to thank all my patients. A special thank you to Tony Aceti who encouraged and pushed me to study and carry out implants. He helped me to overcome my fear by offering to be the first case.

Philip Power who offered to be my first whole jaw implant construction case whilst I was still studying occlusion and waited for 2.5 years to complete the entire treatment.

Jeffery Aldridge, who wanted to replace his older upper denture. He came to me and saved close to half the money quoted in metropolitan areas, apart from also saving him a lot of travelling.

I would also like to thank Dr John Giblin, who was most generous with his knowledge, support and encouragement. Without him, I would not be able to improve my implant skills so quickly. I have assured him, “I will make sure that I won’t call you at night again”.


Personal information:

At 22 years old, I completed my dentistry studies in China in 1989 finishing second in the year. At 24 years old, I was chosen as the only dentist in China to continue my studies in Kitakyushu University in Japan (one of the top 4 universities in Japan) sponsored by the Japanese Government. There my knowledge and skills in dental implants greatly improved. During my stay I was also given the opportunity to complete a PhD in the prosthetic department, which is a rare and prestigious offer. However, I turned it down in favour of coming to Australia, and ever since I have called Tamworth my home.

In 2000, I graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery with Honours from Sydney University. In 2002, I bought Dr Wong’s share of the practice and associated with Dr Bryant and Dr Mooy. In 2009, I bought the whole practice and the building. Since then there have been constant renovations and improvements.

My biggest regret is not spending enough time with my children when they were young. Now they are grown up and more interested in their friends, mobile phones and computers. Both my children are good kids and they’re lucky to be gifted academically. My daughter, Vera, was the top student of her year upon graduation from Oxley High School, achieving a 99 ATAR/98 UMAT and subsequently began studying dentistry at the University of Queensland. Vera has plans to return to Tamworth upon completion of her studies and work with mum in the future. My son, Liam, graduated from Oxley High in 2014 and is now studying a double degree at the University of New South Wales. Most patients will also remember my niece, Rebecca, who worked at the practice over the last 4-5 years. She was accepted into Adelaide University and is currently studying to be a dental therapist/hygienist.

Outside of work I enjoy ball room dancing, basketball and table tennis. I have previously won the regional waltz dance competition. Also, from primary school through to University, I was the captain of the basketball team. Nowadays, I am interested in living a healthy life.