Finance Options

Our policy is that all invoices are paid on the day of treatment. However, please feel free to discuss your financial situation with our staff. Serving our community is our priority. We will do our best to help you.

The following are some of the ways we can ease stresses on your finances. Details can be discussed with our friendly front desk team:

In addition, if you are in a Health Fund, always make sure you ask your fund how much they will pay for the treatment, and then make sure you bring your fund card in with you each time.

Prepayment Plans

If you know or if you’ve been thinking about getting some major dental work done but you don’t know how to afford it, have a chat to our Reception staff about our Prepayment plans. They’re a bit like a layby where each week, fortnight or as you feel like it, you transfer money into your own account with us. This can be done by direct debit, EFTPOS or cash either over the phone or in person. This has a twofold effect, it shows you are serious about having the work done and eliminates the situation of paying for your treatment in one pay period

We work in with the dental work and your desired timing to have that work done.

Installment Payment

Discuss with us so we can spread treatment costs into instalments to suit your budget. Best of all it’s interest free.

Peace of Mind


Fee Structure

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