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Excellent service and high tech equipment, such as intraoral cameras to help see your oral problems and digital x-rays which reduce radiation dosage and processing time.

All internal materials used are from recognized and renowned companies.  Dr Min Stephenson constantly tries new materials to make sure we have all the shades to match your teeth, so we have the right material for every situation. We keep up to date with all the latest materials so we can provide you with the most modern and current treatment.

All laboratories used must provide evidence and guarantee that the materials they use are from Australian approved and renowned companies to make sure they are safe for you.


In accordance with the Infection Control Standards by the Australian Dental Association (ADA) we use the latest Class IIB Autoclave and undergo regular inspections.


We provide a warranty for crowns for 5 years for workmanship and guarantee all materials used are from renowned companies and have material certification. We recommend regular check up’s and cleaning to identify recurrent decay or any other damage to your teeth and mouth early so it can be treated promptly.

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We have replaced the old film developed xrays with the latest digital xrays and phosphor plates to reduce the radiation exposure to you. Radiographs are seen quicker reducing waiting time and can be emailed or printed if your other clinicians need to see them.

We only take xrays to assess your decay rate, for early prevention and diseases/conditions currently unseen by eye. Certain situations affect xray taking, for example pregnancy, so please let your dentist know if you are pregnant.


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